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Glasses and Music Sheet

Welcome to the
Fornari Flute Studio

Take Your Flute Playing to 

the Next Level

at any age!

Choosing the right teacher for your child or yourself is a big decision.  Questions to ask yourself: What do I want to learn? What kind of teacher do I want? What do I want to get from lessons?  And many more… I can help you answer those questions, just contact me for a trial lesson.

How would you like to get the tone you dream of, along with smooth, easy technique and the freedom to make everything sound musical?


Would you like to learn how to practice efficiently and not spend 8 hours a day practicing?


I totally understand and faced those issues myself.


You’re in the right spot!


I am the private flute instructor for Cranbrook Schools and maintain a private flute studio with students from Oakland and Macomb Counties in Michigan. I’m passionate about music as a language and inspire my students to think with a broader perspective.  Music is composed to set a scene, create a mood, express an emotion, or confront a situation, and so on.  I will always challenge you to pull out the musical themes and speak through your playing.   You always know what I’m trying to say when I play a piece or demonstrate a passage and I will help you connect to the music on that level.  The technical aspects of the piece must be adhered to, but all music represents something moving and inspirational, and I will help you discover and express what it means to you. 


Playing the flute well is very rewarding but close to impossible without a great teacher, one who understands how to adjust to each student’s style of learning with the knowledge to teach every aspect of flute playing in different ways. I have studied with some amazing teachers and performers, and learned the correct way to play, from posture and hand position to articulation and musical phrasing.   Each teacher and experience contributed to my knowledge, but I developed my own style and I will share that with each student.

Cosmo the spy.JPG

This is Cosmo, one of two studio cats.  He'll sing while you play!

I believe that music is more than a series of notes on a page - 

* It's a scene

*It's colors

*And...It's feelings and emotions

Join my studio and gain the freedom to communicate through music by playing

the flute really well. Solid fundamentals and an understanding of phrasing

will help you make the music speak.

Your audience will be captivated by your performances.


Here’s what you get with from private flute lessons with me:


  • Guidance and support to gain confidence in your playing.

  • A Practice Plan so you can be efficient with your time and accomplish your goals.

  • Performance opportunities because it's no fun to practice without a goal.

  • Chamber ensembles because music isn't just a solo activity.


PLUS, you’ll also get access to:

  • Studio classes to make friends and feel part of a supportive community

  • Perform in informal recitals 

  • Studio calendar so you can keep up with competitions, auditions and performances.

And did someone say BONUSES?


You also get access to:

  • Me for additional help between lessons.  I'm always available to listen to recordings to give tips for practice between lessons.

  • A personal plan to accomplish your goals each semester or season.

  • Technical exercises written just for you.


Contact me for a trial lesson


Choose a lesson package

Packages - see below



Begin weekly


 What's the next step?



Student  Testimonial

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Choose from the following packages:  New Students Only



Package Option A


8/60 minute Lessons

Package Option B 


8/45 minute Lessons

Package Option C

All Year


60 minute lessons - $280

45 minute Lessons - $220

Paid 4 weeks at a time

And just who am I?

I'm just like you...

* I'm a mom and always want the best for my child.

* I returned to flute after many years away, so I can relate to your apprehension.

* I will always support my students.

* I know how to guide you to reach your "flute" goals

* I care about you as a person and want the best for you.

* There is no judgement here.  I will help you become the best flutist/musician you can be.


Here’s what others have asked!

Do you offer online lessons?

Yes. Lessons are either in-person or virtual over ZOOM.

My child's schedule is very full.  When are lessons scheduled?

I always make it work and have a flexible schedule.  Virtual lessons are a great option.

I'm too old to play flute well.  What can you do for me?

Favorite Quote - 

You are not too old, and it's not too late!!

If you have the desire to play flute well, I can help you. You just have to put in the time.


Can I just take a lesson once in a while?

You improve the most when lessons are regular.  Regular lessons give you something to work for and a time limit in which to achieve the goal. Sporadic lessons don't accomplish much.



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