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Glasses and Music Sheet

Fornari Flute Studio

For Adult Students

You're in the right place!

Why should you take private lessons as an adult?

- It's something you've always wanted to do.

- You have time to practice.

- Playing an instrument is a great way to connect with other people 

- You can use your life experience to tell a story through music

- It’s a great hobby

- With the right teacher, you can be better than you ever were.

- You can play with more confidence

With the right teacher, you will improve without pressure, go at your own pace.  You will be introduced to new repertoire that suits your style, whether it's jazz, classical or a combination.  Music is fun and you will discover how fun it can be to play flute well.


FLute on Music.PNG

If you are an adult and want to learn to play flute, get back into playing flute or want to improve as a flutist, come join my studio.  

Lessons are in-person or virtual. 

Student Testamonial

Janet C.



I came into Jackie’s studio as a lifelong brass player attempting to learn the flute as a second instrument.  I have continued to study for over a year now and I have been met with words of encouragement and support every step of the way.  I have been challenged to not only play the notes on the page but to improve my musical interpretation and to play in the correct style as dictated by the music and the time period.

When I come to my lesson, I know that during my time in her studio the focus is on me and the music I play gets her full, undivided attention.  I feel my lessons are the highlight of my week and I always look forward to our time together.


Lesson package

 60 minute lesson

per week

Lesson package b

 45 minute lesson

per week


Recital and Studio Class Participation


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