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Why should you take private lessons as an adult?

I. You are smarter now

2. You are more mature and can focus

3. You have time to practice.

4. You can use your life experience to tell a story through music

5. It’s a great hobby

6. With the right teacher, you can be better than you ever were.

7. You can play with a community band and really play the music

8. Intonation and phrasing will make more sense.

9. A new level of respect from your friends.

11. More self-confidence.

12. You’re reading a universal language and communicating with everyone

13. Playing flute helps your breathing

14. Playing an instrument is a great way to connect with other people

15. Playing an instrument is something you always wanted to do but didn’t have the time or money, and now you do.

Here is my story. I came back to flute as an adult

I stopped playing flute for 10 years. After playing in a few orchestras, I became disillusioned and quit. I was a broke musician and lost my drive. I have had several careers since then and was never happy until I came back to music. When I had my daughter, I decided that I would get a flute and start playing again. I was really bad but didn’t forget the fingerings or how to read music. I played a little whenever I had time. When my daughter was 8 she wanted to try to make a sound. She did and that was when I knew I had to play again. Since I had achieved a professional level of playing, I got frustrated quite often. I knew I needed to find a teacher and begin lessons again. This changed everything for me. I improved very quickly. I had the courage about 6 years ago to perform in a masterclass for prominent flutists. I was super nervous but knew it was time. I was told that I was very well trained and needed to perform. I took more lessons and practiced on a regular basis. Now I feel like I have surpassed my playing level when I played professionally. I play with better musicality, and tone. Technical passages take a little longer to master, but now I really know how to practice.

Music is my profession again. I mostly teach because I do not want to take auditions, (Leave that to the twenty somethings) and I am loving every minute of it. Teaching gives me energy and motivates me to continue to strive to be better at every aspect of playing flute. I can pinpoint student issues quickly and help you achieve your best.

If you are an adult and want to learn to play flute, get back into playing flute or want to improve as a flutist, come join my studio. You will be able to set and accomplish your goals and have a lot of fun in the process!

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