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Flutist, Teacher, Musician

Fornari Flute Studio


Ever since I heard my first performance of "The Nutcracker" at age 8, I knew I had to play flute.  I attended some of the finest schools, including Interlochen Arts Academy and Peabody Conservatory, and studied with some of the greatest flutists and teachers.  Teaching and playing flute is now my life.  I seek out playing and coaching opportunities.  I look for new music with different sounds and techniques.  I strive to plan programs that keep audiences engaged and not wanting the performance to end.  To me, music is the most expressive language there is.   It brings people and cultures together, in happy and sad times.  “Life without music would be flat (Bb)”.  Yes, I know that’s a joke, but it’s true.  Music is a powerful means of communication and a vehicle from which to express feelings and emotions of all kinds.  I truly live by this.


Doppler Double Flute Concerto

2018 Performance by Jacqueline Fornari and Laura Kellogg at the SEMFA Festival October 2018, accompanied by Michael Emshwiller

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